PeptLab was founded as an Interdepartmental Laboratory in September 2004 by the ex Department of Organic Chemistry, the ex Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the ex Department of Neurological Sciences of the University of Florence.

PeptLab is a multidisciplinary technology platform for research open to the contribution and participation of all researchers interested in the field of peptide sciences, both of the University of Florence and of other institutions.

The aim of PeptLab is not only Research, but also Technology Transfer. Therefore, next to a multi-disciplinary experience developed in collaboration with other national and international research groups, PeptLab is also involved in a translational research effort, to promote industrial development and commercialization of the research products.

For this purpose, new Spin-off and Start-up companies have been launched and will be developed, involving young researchers and emphasizing the expertise they acquired. These new companies interact directly with investors, interested in funding innovative research in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical areas.

For this reason, the importance of high-level education (PhDs, Masters, Specialized Training) is emphasized, to increase the value both of the multi-disciplinary approach and the commercial aspect, which is necessary to boost the practical application of the new inventions and discoveries.